Keeping a web catalog up-to-date is highly time-consuming and challenging. New products come to the market rapidly in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. Updating your web catalog quickly and continuously can be a distraction to your in-house staff.

BPS offers trained staff and flexible capacity for this labor-intensive work at an affordable cost. Our web catalog services will allow you to focus on higher-value tasks such as strategic planning, fulfillment, sales and customer service.


Here are some of our support services:

  • Populate web catalog database with new brands or new products

  • Add and/or update product images and product information from a variety of sources into an online database

  • Provide updates based on changes from manufacturers’ or distributors’ websites with respect to product availability, pricing, new options, etc.

  • Price and product comparisons across competitor online stores

  • Index products by classifying them into proper categories and subcategories

  • Acquire product images from the Internet.

  • Editing of Product images and resizing for normal or enlarged views


Here are some of the benefits that our partners have realized from our services:

  • Cost savings

  • Timely and on-going web catalog updates

  • Freedom from hiring and training of new staff

  • Focus on sales, fulfillment and other higher-value functions

  • Increase market share by responding quickly to ever-changing product prices

  • Higher revenue

  • Increased profits

Whether your needs are daily or seasonal in nature, you can count on BPS to meet them effectively, economically and confidently.