Environmental Risk Management



The Challenge

A company in the northeast is a national provider of current and historical environmental risk management information. To meet a growing demand for online historical data on property use, the company needed to digitize and code information from thousands of business directories from multiple cities dating back to the 1920s. This would not only require hiring a large number of people and making a large capital investment in equipment but could also take the company's focus away from its core business. The company knew that this huge task had to be outsourced, and needed an organization that could execute the project quickly, with high data accuracy and at a reasonable cost.



BPS Solution

BPS thoroughly analyzed specific database creation and coding needs of this enormous task, and carefully determined resource requirements to meet the company's tight schedule. Within a very short time, BPS expanded its production facility in Mumbai to 150 workstations and 400 operators working 24/7 on this project.

Since 1999, BPS has processed thousands of directories. The company scans the directories and provides scanned images to BPS via FTP. BPS converts the scanned pages into smart database by either double keying the text or OCRing the scanned pages and correcting the OCRed files with reference to corresponding images. The newly created database is then coded according to the company's rules to facilitate easy extraction of the required information from the database. The final, coded database is then returned to the company via an FTP site. BPS has consistently achieved the minimum required data accuracy of 99.99% and successfully met all completion schedules.




With help from BPS, the company was able to introduce a new digital product on historical property use quickly and deliver it effectively online. The cost savings allowed the company to offer this new product at an attractive price. This has given the company a substantial competitive edge and resulted in higher revenues and profits.